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I started the manufacturing in Vietnam chapter of my life when I moved to Ho Chi Minh city in 2008. My journey started when I was born in Los Angeles and grew up in Germany – my mother was an elementary school teacher at an American school in Germany. After graduating from Cal Poly University, San Luis Obispo with a Physics degree I waited tables in Switzerland to discover what I really wanted to be when I grew up. Manufacturing in Vietnam was still not on my radar. Finally, I decided to join the Navy Nuclear Power program and served on a fast attack submarine based out of Hawaii. Not a bad gig since I love the ocean. Then I made my way to Houston to work on offshore oilrigs. Manufacturing in Vietnam was still not on my radar. Starting a family was and Vietnam attracted me as a great place to settle down.
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So, I left my job in Houston and made a new home in Ho Chi Minh City. I met a partner in Vietnam, got married, had two kids, and built a house. Concurrently, I started learning my partner’s business: apparel manufacturing in Vietnam. First I built marketing websites for her business and learned search engine optimization: hence my first book: Learn SEO in 4 Simple Steps. Then my crash course in apparel manufacturing in Vietnam got some legs. Everyday I answered emails from garment professionals interested in apparel manufacturing in Vietnam. Every week I took fashion designers on sewing factory tours. Twice a year I attended apparel-manufacturing trade shows and explained apparel manufacturing in Vietnam to entrepreneurs. This is how I fell into manufacturing in Vietnam and why I wrote my second book: Guide to Producing Garments in Vietnam. My next book will be: Guide to Eco Fabrics. I love sharing my insider knowledge with anyone interested to learn more about Vietnam.

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