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Option for start up fashion brands

If you are a beginner, then I recommend you read my book first. A beginner is someone who does not know what tech packs are, has no garment manufacturing experience and has never worked with a factory in Asia. If you are a beginner, then I wrote the book for you. I share my insider knowledge and give you links to resources to help you get started. May I be your manufacturing consultant in Vietnam?


"Chris' book gives very valuable insights that are helpful if you are considering producing garments in Vietnam. I highly recommend it."

Nancy - Amazon book review.
Insider Tips and Knowledge
If you are new to working with Vietnamese clothing manufacturers then I recommend my book as the perfect place to start.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1 My best advice
Chapter 2 Meeting MOQs
Chapter 3 Choosing fabrics
Chapter 4 Printing options
Chapter 5 Know your trims
Chapter 6 Know your accessories
Chapter 7 Prepare tech packs
Chapter 8 Getting samples made
Chapter 9 Find the right factory
Chapter 10 Packing options
Chapter 11 Bond with factory
Chapter 12 Negotiating strategies
Chapter 13 Production steps
Chapter 14 How to manage quality
Chapter 15 Shipping Documents
Chapter 16 Choose Freight Forwarder
Chapter 17 Calculate Import Duties
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Excerpt from my book: Guide to Producing Garments in Vietnam

Read my book for tips before you visit factories

Chapter 1

Here is a simple action plan to start your Vietnamese production as smoothly as possible. I am assuming you haven’t documented your designs and have not found a reliable factory. This is my manufacturing consultant in Vietnam best practice advice.

1. Hire a tech pack freelancer to create your tech pack(s).

2. Communicate the big picture by listing your preferred purchase order quantities.

3. Email your tech pack and preferred purchase order to Vietnamese factories and follow up aggressively.

All the big names like Mango, Zara and Forever 21 use tech packs when producing garments in foreign countries - it is an industry standard practice. A tech pack is a technical document that describes all the details of your garment. You will spend at least $500 per tech pack, but in the end, you will save $1,000s. Don’t waste your time or the factory’s time contacting them without tech packs. To create a tech pack correctly requires training and experience in garment technology. In another chapter I describe in detail what goes into tech packs. Below I introduce you to fashion incubators and freelancers who can help you create tech packs. Trust me on this point, hire a freelancer, then your chance of getting it done right the first time is high. The quickest way to get accurate quotes and samples made is by having perfect tech packs prepared in advance. The only missing piece of information will be quantities. This is why I suggest step two, communicate your quantities.

Communicate the big picture by listing your preferred purchase order quantities. Show the quantities broken down by style, fabric, color and artwork. This is important because the price is based on quantity and factories have minimums they must meet for knitting, weaving, dyeing, printing and embellishing which I describe later. If the quantities are too low then factories can not offer cheap prices. Also, if your quantities don’t meet their minimum’s then they will tell you right away and save you time and money. Million dollar manufacturing consultant in Vietnam tip.

Download Preferred Purchase Order Quantities Blank Form

The third step is to contact factories. There are three ways to contact factories in Vietnam. You can can find them on websites like,, and You can contact Vietnamese garment associations like Vitas, Vinatex and Agtek. Or, you can meet factories at trade shows like Sourcing at Magic, Globalsources Fair, or Canton Fair. Once you have the factory contact details, email them your tech pack(s) and preferred purchase order quantities. I recommend you attend trade shows to meet the factories in person. See the samples they have at the show, get an idea on pricing and show them your tech packs to confirm they can produce what you want in the quantities you want.

Follow up aggressively with the factories that meet your requirements. Push them to get quotes within two weeks. Compare the prices and customer service levels you get from each factory. Then, when the feeling is right, travel to Vietnam to visit the factories. Work face-to-face with them as they make a counter sample, then negotiate the final price per piece. Be prepared to make a deposit, usually 20%, and approve pre-production samples.

In my book, I list fashion incubators and freelancers around the world for you to contact. They can either make tech packs for you or introduce you to garment technicians who can. This is some of my best manufacturing consultant in Vietnam suggestions.

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