Where to buy garment accessories
Buying Apparel Accessories in Vietnam
Are you ready to chose your accessories?
Accessories are important for branding, protection during shipping and warehousing. Accessories are anything that is thrown away when your customer unwraps the garment and puts it on for the first time.

Choosing things like carton box thickness may seem trivial but it needs to be done and I can help you or you can read my advice below. Let me be your guide to buying garment accessories in Vietnam.
Will your poly bag have print

Which accessories will you require?

• Carton Boxes
• Poly Bags
• Hang Tags
• Silica Gel Bags
• Tissue
• Cardboard Inserts

All of these are “accessive,” that’s how I remember the difference between trim and accessories. Accessories are thrown away.

Accessories have artwork that you will need to provide to the factory. When buying garment accessories in Vietnam you have quality options that you will need to choose.
Factories will ask you questions like:

What kind of carton box do you want?
Will the polybags have print?
How many hang tags will you have?
Are you open to buying garment accessories in Vietnam?

Carton Box Options

Carton boxes come in three basic options, 3 ply, 5 ply and 7 ply. 7 ply is stronger, but more expensive. It is important that you know these different options because you will need to choose. I recommend 5 ply. How strong your boxes need to be depends on your warehousing solution. If the boxes will be handled a lot, thrown around, and stacked high on top of each other then 7 ply makes sense even though it costs more. A 5 ply box will cost around 76 cents/box whereas a 7 ply box will cost 93 cents/box. Be careful when buying garment accessories in Vietnam.
Trim vs Accessory
A typical box size is 60cm x 40cm x 20cm. On average you can fit 45 t-shirts in a box, so if the box costs 76 cents, then the carton box cost per garment is 1.7 cents.
Carton box factories have a minimum order quantity of at least 500 boxes. 500 boxes x 45 pieces/box = 22,500 pieces. If your total order is 2,000 pieces you will have a lot of unused boxes that you must buy. If you are lucky, the factory will have spare boxes to sell you. This scenario is true for all trims and accessories and is the reason why you should NOT produce garments in a foreign country if your quantity is small – like 100 pieces.

Add a few cents more for printing on the outside of the box as well. The artwork on the box can be shipping information plus branding (your logo and slogan.) Usually the print is just one color: black. I recommend basic shipping info like “box 1 of 30” with the destination address and your logo. Did you think about: If you put your logo on the box and your brand is famous, there is a higher chance of boxes being stolen? Are you comfortable with buying garment accessories in Vietnam?
Guide to buying accessories in vietnam
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Will the polybags have print?

Usually each garment is enclosed in a poly bag to protect it from water and dust. You can print on the polybag if you want. Usually buyers will print a caution notice to warn against asphyxiation. Or buyers will print their logo on the poly bag. You can print in color or black. Polybag MOQ is 1,000 pieces. The typical size is 20 cm x 30 cm and the typical cost is 1.1 cents. If your garments are being transported on hangers and you need a hanger polybag then the cost is 6.2 cents. Buying garment accessories in Vietnam requires that you shop around to get the best price - or accept the price the sewing factory quotes you.

How many hang tags will you have?

Hang tags can be any shape and come in a variety of thicknesses. You can have a matte finish or glossy finish and unlimited colors in your artwork. Basically you need to provide the original artwork, including any text. It’s best to supply the artwork in the original file format like Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator or Corel Draw. A good factory should show you samples and recommend best pricing. The MOQ for hang tags is 2,000 pieces.

Vietnam has reliable hang tag suppliers but a good factory can source the same quality for a better price in Thailand or Malaysia. Avery Dennison has a factory in Vietnam and makes great quality hang tags but their price is high. Ask your factory where the hang tags are being printed. If they say Vietnam, then ask them to source a better price in Thailand. How they answer you will tell you a lot about their skill level in merchandising.
In conclusion, When a factory quotes you a price they usually don't tell you the exact price of each accessory. They are usually marking up the price a few cents to cover handling, transportation and wastage. If you want to save a few cents and manage all the logistics and communications with the accessory factory then shop around and you will find what you want from accessory suppliers in Vietnam, Thailand, China or Malaysia. Have fun buying garment accessories in Vietnam.

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