Find a small run factory in Viet nam
Need help finding a smal quantity apparel factory in SEA

Small Run Apparel Production in Vietnam

Are you a high-end fashion designer? Are you ready to produce your first collection? Or are you simply looking for a small run apparel production factory in Vietnam? I only know one that I feel comfortable recommending.

Logos Fashion Service can produce your collection for you - in Vietnam. The minimum order quantity is 50 pieces per style and you can make up to 50 styles.

They specialize in woven or knit high-end fashion garments where they will help you source fabric, trim and accessories. They are a one-stop shop for development and production.

If you are looking for a small run t-shirt or activewear factory in Vietnam then….so am I. I have yet to find one I can recommend.

Here are some examples of work Logos has done for their clients.
Find a small run factory in Vietnam
Search a small run factory in Viet nam
Find a small quantity factory in Viet nam
High Fashion Factory
Hip Hop Styling
High couture factory in Vietnam
Haute Couture Sewing Factory
High Fashion Runway Factory

They don't make the following:

Tailored items like suits and blazers
Basic cut and sew items like t-shirts
Activewear with functional fabric
Complicated Outerwear
Bras or Lingerie
Down Jackets

Logos Fashion Service is owned and managed by Sylvie who is a graduate of FIT NYC. Her team of more than 40 staff first take you through the development stage where the output would be a tech pack and a good fit sample. The second stage is the production stage where they grade patterns to different sizes, create a marker, organize trims and fabrics. The final step is manufacturing - small run apparel production in Vietnam.
Chris Walker Guide to Vietnam
They offer designers 2 different development packages: Launch or A La Carte. They offer a mini launch of 5 styles ($2,500), modest launch of 10 styles ($4500), medium launch of 20 styles ($8,500), and a full launch of 40 styles ($16,000). These launch programs are cost effective for designers who plan to do trade shows and have sales-reps as the launch packages include 2 sets of salesman samples. If designers plan to market their products only online, Logos recommends the A La carte package where they pay only for the services they need. Typically, designers only need only 1 sample for photography. An average product will cost about $170-$200 for development. Production cost will depend on the design, fabric, quantity, size breakdown.
I have referred many people to Sylvie and all the feedback we have gotten thus far is positive. I recommend you reach out to Sylvie and her team via their contact page and see if they are a good fit for you.

If she does not reply right away then contact me and I will help you get a hold of her.
Find small volume apparel factories in Vietnam

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