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Hi, my name is Chris Walker. I live in in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam and work in the Vietnam garment Industry. Welcome to my website where I share knowledge and advice for professionals investigating garment production in Vietnam.

How can I help you? Are you sourcing fabric? Are you trying to get a quote from a sewing factory? I have 8 years experience working with Vietnamese clothing manufacturers. Start by either asking me questions or reading my books. I aim to help you overcome language and cultural barriers as well as deal with the high MOQs in Vietnam.
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As a marketing manager working with Vietnamese clothing manufacturers I get emails everyday from people around the world wanting to produce in Vietnam. They all face the same frustrating language barriers, cultural barriers and high minimum order quantities that exist in Vietnam. In some cases they lack a basic understanding of what factories need in order to quote a price. I wrote this book to address all these issues and share all my insider tips to guide them and you on your journey in Vietnam. Here is an excerpt from my book:

I have a simple action plan to kickstart your Vietnamese production as cheaply and quickly as possible. I am assuming you haven’t documented your designs and have not found a reliable factory. Here is my down and dirty, step by step guide. Working with Vietnamese clothing manufacturers can be easy if you follow my advice.

Develop and produce a sample in your country. Don’t worry if the garment is not exactly what you want. Get a sample sewn as close as possible to your design expectations. Get it made locally using available fabrics. Contact local fashion incubators to help you get started. I have listed several at the end of this chapter.

Document the design of your sample on paper. This process is called creating a tech pack. Whoever made your sample should be able to create a tech pack for you. Or you can send your sample to a freelance tech-pack creator and they will make your tech pack. Here is a list of freelance tech-pack creators that can accelerate the process of working with Vietnamese clothing manufacturers.

Word from the Author
I built this website for fashion design students, garment professionals and entrepreneurs interested in producing garments in Vietnam. I arrived in Ho Chi Minh city in 2008 and started working for a t-shirt factory as their marketing manager. I noticed that many people who contacted us were lacking insider knowledge and needed help working with Vietnamese clothing manufacturers.

I am sharing essential knowledge you need to start the journey of manufacturing in a world that does not speak English and has a different business mentality that we are used to in the West. Above are 16 questions I recommend you study before working with Vietnamese clothing manufacturers. I share news, supplier contacts, and insider knowledge. I include details like pricing, links to valuable resources, and negotiating strategies based on my first hand experience gained from the last 8 years working in Vietnam. I hope you enjoy!

Are you working with Vietnamese clothing manufacturers already? Would you like to share your experience or get a second opinion? Please contact me in either case and let's compare notes.
Vietnam's Unique Selling Points?
USP #1 Vietnamese Merchandisers Speak English Well

Many garment buyers source factories in Vietnam expecting cheap prices; at least, cheaper than China. They are usually disappointed and ask themselves, why did we come to Vietnam? What is Vietnam’s unique selling point? The Vietnam Garment Industry has four USPs; one of them is that Vietnamese merchandisers speak English well. Have you experienced this when working with Vietnamese clothing manufacturers?

Ok, you might say that is no reason to move production from China to Vietnam. True. You might also say that there are many Chinese merchandisers that speak English well. Also true. My point is that, after living in Vietnam for eight years, and having travelled to China to meet many Chinese factories I can confidently say, more Vietnamese speak English well than Chinese. I am talking about merchandisers that work in garment factories. Why?

What I see in Vietnam is a sincere push for education from the Government and my Vietnamese in-laws; at least, when it comes to learning English. It’s as if they have it in their blood. English is the ticket to success. I see this when working with Vietnamese clothing manufacturers. Vietnam is so pro-English that wealthy families send their kids abroad in High School. What I see happening is that the kids adopt English as their first language and consequently English culture as their dominant culture. I feel like some kids have lost touch with their Vietnamese identity yet know they will never be true Brits, Australians or Americans. The result is that even the kids who don’t have the money to study abroad learn English very well in Vietnam. There are English schools on every corner. Vietnamese elementary schools have separate classes taught in English. When you work with a Vietnamese garment factory, there is a very good chance the your point of contact will write, speak and joke in English proficiently.

Too many times I have arrived at a Chinese factory and worked with the sales person only to find out that their English is weak and their merchandisers don’t speak any English at all. When we talk garment technology they nod affirmatively but it’s obvious they don’t really get what I am saying. In Vietnam, you will encounter this scenario as well when working with Vietnamese clothing manufacturers, but not as often as China. Conclusion is that Vietnamese merchandisers speak English well and this is #1 of 4 unique selling points of the Vietnam garment industry.

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